Yoroniku: Love Meat Tender

*This one’s for Junna-chan, the purveyor of magnificent o-faces displayed beautifully over love-meat-tender sessions at Yoroniku. In her own words “O-faces are oishii faces right???”  Come back soon and do O-faces with us at Yoroniku, Junna-chan!

Deep under the quiet side streets of genteel Aoyama, therein lies Yoroniku, where you live and die a glorious death with each bite of the most heartwrenchingly tender slices of yakiniku. Each cut is presented oh so beautifully, glistening and pink and so fresh that all it takes is a few seconds sear on each side to give that incredible melt-in-your-mouth moment. Nothing more than a few seconds because the server will be H.O.R.R.I.F.I.E.D if you butcher his perfect timing by requesting it more done, and he will butcher YOU (mentally) instead. Just kiddingggg…the people at Yakiniku are incredibly nice AND knowledgable about cooking their meat to perfection. They will do the cooking honours so that you just sit back, eat and have the most wonderful yakiniku dreams after.

If you are at a loss as to which part of the cow you’d like to have some serious TLC moments with, Yoroniku solves this issue wonderfully with their set menus. We went for the 7,000 JPY one – there’s also a 9,000 JPY set, but that will seriously impregnante you with a yakiniku baby – which serves a beautiful array of tender cuts, delicious al dente cold noodles and dessert.


Kickin it off with some sake!


Original tofu with seaweed sauce: The refreshing appetizer served to cleanse and freshen the palate before going full meat-on-meat. The silky smooth tofu came accompanied with delicate bits of chopped bamboo shoots and dashi-like broth which left a nice refreshing taste. IMG_1621

How do I love thee? Let me eat the ways :)

How do I love thee? Let me eat the ways :)

So, they brought this cow statue to the table before the yakiniku fest kicked-off. Don’t quite understand why they never brought this out during the last few visits sighhh. It’s simply ingenious because it pretty much eliminates the gesturing game with the server to figure out which cut comes from where. It also saves me from embarrassing situations, like trying to asking if that’s a cut from the rump and not knowing how to say/gesture derriere politely in Japanese…

3rd stomache, pe-pe, steak tartare

3rd stomache, pe-pe, steak tartare

(L-R) 3rd stomache, penis, steak tartare: Yup, we had peen served as part of the 1st course. Or at least that’s what the server informed us, by gesturing downwards delicately on the cow statue when we asked what cut it was. The thin slices which were pre-cooked, and just needed a quick dip in the soy sauce to give it a burst of sweet and melty moment (and lots of “that’s what he/she said jokes hurhurhur). The beef tartare was deliciously tender, even more so after mixing it up with the raw yolk and crisp seaweed. 3rd stomache was so-so, with a squid like texture and not much of taste.

Salad, a much need respite when your tummy cries truce from the yakiniku assault...

Salad, a much needed respite when your tummy cries truce from the yakiniku assault…


(T-B) Rosu, tongue, heart: Rosu (loin) with a pinch of lemon juice on top was tenderness personified. Tongue was eaten with sprigs of chopped spring onion, with squirt of lemon juice for that tangy burst. Heart, oh heart, we were told to eat you plain and you tasted like…chewy meat.


(T-B)Rosu, kalbi, fillet: The rosu V2 made another appearance, this time to be eaten with a dip of sweet sauce. It was a tad overcooked this time round though :( Kalbi was delicious marbled fattiness, made all the sweeter with some sweet sauce. The fillet, cooked medium rare to show off its tender glory, deserved a two thumbs up for another Kodak melt-in-your-mouth moment…


They say the best things in life are free. The beef sushi, compliments of the house, is living delicious proof of this! The buttery slices of velvety beef, infused with the sweetness of vinegar-ed rice makes me really really wish for beef sushi to be served at sushi joints…


Misuji (chuck tender): Yup, another winner which we chucked down tenderly with a dash of sauce.


Rosu (Shiroku? I couldn’t catch it, nor quite remember which part of the moo-moo it’s from blearghhh): So, the beef sushi before proved that the best things in live do come for free sometimes….and this rosu relives that magic moment ALL OVER AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN *dies a glorious death here*. Our DIY sushi (rosu was served with the rice ball separately) was sloshed delicately – put “many many sauce”, as the server’s instructions!” – before being wrapped pertly over the mini rice ball and eaten in less than 10 secs.


And le deGYUstation finale…BEHOLD THIS BUTTERY STICK OF MAGNIFICENCE! This stick of marbled sirloin is stuff which yakiniku wet dreams are made of.


After a slight sear on each side to seal the delicate juices, the sirloin was dipped in a ponzu sauce mixed with freshly grated radish. The ponzu sauce was frankly overpowering, and the sirloin tasted so much better in its au naturale buttery nakedness…


Somein: A cool ending to a magnificent meat fest. Cooked to al dente perfection, and serve in a chilled, light dashi broth. It needed a hint of wasabi and a sprinkling of seaweed to give it a little more oomphhh.


Kyoto kocha shaved ice: A deliciously sweet and refreshing end. I buried the sweetened black beans into the mound of ice for some chewy goodness :)


Ice cream is always a good idea. Especially when it’s creamy black sesame ice cream, tossed with crunchy nuts and sprinkled with peanut shavings mmmmmm

Andddd that’s a wrap! Yoroniku, we can’t wait to meat you soon. Very soon, my moo.


Wherefore art thou?

6丁目-6−22 Minamiaoyama
Minato, Tokyo 107-0062