Golden Spoon: Spoonfuls of crabby delish


After checking off Chili Crabs from must-eat list while in Singapore, we trooped to Kirsten and Jon’s regular haunt Golden Spoon in Tiong Bahru, Singapore’s hipster enclave, for more crabby yum fun times. What got us super stoked about Golden Spoon is that one of their specialties is none other than Crab bihun (vermicelli)! Never tried it, but the thought of succulent crabs tossed with noodles in a rich seafood broth got us all excited uhh huhhhh!

What we found out upon arrival: there was a recent change of owners, and the original guys have moved to East Coast. The place still served most of the original dishes, albeit in a more formal Chinese dinner style environment. We were on a crab roll, and ended up getting crab bihun, black pepper crab and ginger scallion crabs (THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MUCH CRAB!). Coffee spare ribs, homemade tofu and sambal kangkung also made the rounds to feed 7 hangry people.


Black pepper Sri Lankan crabs which provided a fiery kick


Ginger scallion Sri Lankan crabs which were piled in a complex delicious mess of claws, shells, ginger and scallions


Semi spicy sambal kangkung


Sticky tender coffee-coated ribs topped with crunchy sesame seeds


Homemade tofu in sweet and sour tangy sauce, topped with crunchy cucumber strips and pork floss!

Give us all the crabby delights now!

Oh hello crab babies!

We had an awesome time cracking every single crab shell open to reveal firm chunks of succulent crab meat bathed in the most delicious of sauces. My personal favourite was the crab bihun (surprise surprise :)) – not just cause of the luscious bites of Sri Lankan crab meat, but also the coarse vermicelli which soaked up the rich seafood broth so nicely. Each spoonful of bihun in broth topped with scallions and scallops was simply amazinggggg, and I had ehm 4 bowls because this was just how deliciously addictive it was!

The bill came up to ~$70 per person, which was pretty reasonable given the generous portions of crab we devoured (and we had 3 desserts on the house thrown in – sago cream, herbal jelly, glutinous rice with ice cream yayyyy). Was told that one of their house desserts worth a try is mantou (steamed buns) drizzled with thick swirls of condensed milk….will need to save room for that next time up!

Can’t wait to check out the original owners’ new joint in East Coast for another round of comfort crab and homestyle dishes. Apparently they do a better version of crab bihun!!! Guess heaven IS a place on Earth…or maybe along East Coast Road :)


Wherefore art thou? Map here (It’s ~10min walk from the Tiong Bahru MRT station)

De Classic Golden Spoon
62 Seng Poh Lane,
Singapore 160062