A+ for Ahill Teppanyaki

The Teppanyaki throne belongs to Japan, and rightfully so. No one does a baller Teppanyaki like they do. And if it’s French Teppanyaki, holy holy holy ONLY ALL THINGS AMAZEBALLS CAN CAME OUT OF IT. With that, je te presente Ahill!

Off one of the side-streets in Ginza’s 2-chome, 8 floors up, and you are whisked to a this land of delicate deliciousness that is Ahill. I decided on Course B (6 courses, because the more the merrier – golden rule for eating!) and let the happy eating begin, yay!

First up was the amuse bouche – green pea cake with little salmon roe sitting all pretty on top. I’m not a fan of peas. When I think of peas, 3 words: frozen or mush :( But it was surprisingly yums, probably because I poped it like it was meds and it went down fairly quickly in a faintly sweet (from pea cake) and salty (from salmon roe) combo.


Greenpea cake sitting prettily all by itself…


Imma cook these juicy little buggers right in front of yo’ face hurhurhur

Starters came in the form of chubby scallops dressed with veggies and tossed in a saffron sauce. I’ve made a mess of the actual name of the starter – fancy schmancy name in pic caption below… Scallops were well-seared but still retained their fresh sweetness. The veggies creepin’ on it were light and crisp and refreshing like a salad should be yay! No one drowned in the saffron vanilla cream, so it was all good.


Scallop and clam poele, saffron and vanilla cream sauce

Next up – time to slurp your soup (or maybe no can do here). I picked the cabbage soup over the other cream something something soup. Cream soup is a no-no. The cabbage soup came in a fresh and chillaxed puree, with crisp cabbage strips and carrots grouped nicely in the middle to provide a nice crunch with each bite. Pretty pleasant palate cleanser for the good heavy stuff coming up next oh yeahhhhhh


When liquid and solid cabbages meet

The chefs says the time is now. For our second dish. Of foie gras and onion coulis and pistachio flavoured paste! All these flavours held hands and came together b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y. The silky-richness of the foie gras melted gloriously around the crisply sweet onion coulis/strips with each mouthful. Add on some cranberry sauce and pistachio paste to each luscious bite, and it’s basically some pretty intense foreplay going on in your mouth…


Foie gras poele with onion nouveau coulis and pistachio flavored paste

After lots of tease from the foie gras, it gets even more lush-ious in the form of fiiiiiinely teppan-ed sirloin steaks! It was everything an amazing teppanyaki steak should be. Succulent and plump. Plenty of buttery melt-in-your-mouth tender moments. Juices sealed inside which explode into a thousand deliciousness with every mouthful. So, so, so tender and rich, as though the beef was massaged with the most lovingly buttered hands. Oh.My.Gawd.


How do I heart thee? Over and over again…

It comes with fried garlic rice, which takes teppanyaki steak to a whole new level. Place a sliver of garlic crisp atop a cube of teppanyaki beef atop a spoonful of garlic fried rice – it will make you deliriously happy. I promise.


Garlic fried rice with mo’ garlic crisp goodness and succulent meat. HOLY

So now it’s time to say au revoir with the cheese platter and desserts. Both were pretty awesome and did justice to rounding up an excellent dinner!


Choice of 3 types of cheese, served with plump raisins and a spoonful of honey

A tres excellent meal which came up to 7000+ JPY per person (sans drinks). If you are hunkering for some Teppanyaki while wandering around Ginza, Ahill will sort you out magnifique-ly.

Fun fact I learnt post-dinner: Ginza is THE place with the highest concentration of hostess bars. The conversation from diners at the next table bout going forth and conquering hostess bars (on a Tuesday night!) makes perfect sense now hehehe


Wherefore art thou?
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104-0061, Japan
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