Sushi zushi at Roppongi crossing

So, my foodie buddy Jeff-wheee consistently raves about this particular sushi joint smack along the naughty & notorious Roppongi crossing. It’s great value for money for Roppongi, but what gets Jeff-wheee super duper excited is the fact that they serve chu-toro sushi at *wait for it* 130 JPY!

Uh-huh – tender, fattylicious tuna nestled on a bed of sushi rice for JUST 130 JPY… Jeff-wheeee says it tastes legit, and to quote the sushi lover verbatim: “Heck even if they farm it in fresh water, it’ll still be worth it” Aww #oh-toro-love!

So after passing by a gazillion times en route from Juban to Roppongi, I finally made a detour into the 130 JPY sushi promise land – Edomae gatten zushi!

Sushi menu

The dizzying array which left my mind and tummy in a tizzy! They had some pretty unusual choices – crab butter, pickled brinjal anybody? Y NO BEEF SUSHI :(

Sushi rice

Ta-da! I settled for the chirashi-don. I’m smacking myself right now for not getting the tuna/otoro set, but I just wasn’t feeling fatty tuna at the restaurant. But all cool because it gives me an excuse to make a return trip :)


Lookit that chubby baby! Sashimi was fresh, but not top-notch freshest of the crop fresh. Definitely no beer massages given to these fishes and shell fish, but then again, 130 JPY doesn’t get you any massage nehhh. Even in Patpong.


Spied someone’s sushi platter, and OF COURSE I had to take a pics of it..secretly when the chef’s back was turned.


Spotted this particular notice on the table top! Beware rowdy Roppongi revelers who stumble into this place at a godforsaken time with sub-optimal hand-mind-mouth coordination. Big papa’s all ready to capitalise on that post-drunken carb-loading binge hehehe.

Next step: Execute on original plan. Chutoro & otoro-san, can’t wait for you to make me go oh-toroooooo, 130 JPY many many times over.


Wherefore art thou?
Edomae Gatten Zushi
6-1-3 Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo