Tsukemen mission: Menya Musashi Kosho





While starving/ fasting for a gut-wrenching 18 hours for a medical check-up, all I could think of was where I should go stuff my face post check-up at Midtown clinic. Halfway through mentally sorting out the options around Roppongi, I developed an intense craving for Tsukemen. SO BADLY I ALMOST CRIED. And then I remembered Menya Musashi Kosho in one of Roppongi’s side alleys was a recommended joint to hit up and put that Tsukemen craving to rest in a delicious cocoon of silky noodles and piquant dipping sauce.

Once the check-up was done and dusted, I practically ran (as fast as I could in a low-sugar almost-starvation mode) to Menya Musashi Kosho, popped some coins into the order machine and waited for the bowl of life so so hungrily while being serenaded by blues-ey tunes in the background.

AND IT FINALLY ARRIVED AND MADE ITS WAY INTO MAH TUMMEH! The noodles were cooked to silky al dente perfection with a nice chewy bite, and they were thick and chubby like wantan noodles yay! Broth was shoyu (soy sauce) based with a healthy handful of negi (spring onions) tossed-into it and a chunk of fatty pork mmm. It was a tad salty, and definitely tasted better after swirling some of that yuzu (citrus) vinegar – placed on each table – into the broth to mix it up a little with some tangy flavours. The big fatty pieces of roasted pork. OH MY GOD. Meaty and tender on the inside, with a deliciously caramelised burnt edge. It was like having a mini pancake made entirely out of char-siu.

Menya Musashi Kosho’s Tsukemen definitely put that Tsukemen craving to rest, albeit at a pretty pricey 1,000 JPY (though it did come with generous chunks of delectable roasted pork). Would I deliberately seek out the streets of Roppongi at night to hit this place up for Tsukemen? Probably not (ok I lie. Ask me again after a night out in Roppongi). But if I happened to be in the R ‘hood and craving a bowl of Tsuekemen, I’m coming your way Menya Musashi Kosho.

PS: They also serve ramen in broth, which comes with wantans! It’s pretty decent but not the best in class. Save your tummy for their Tsukemen instead…


Wherefore art thou?

Menya Musashi Kosho (map here. At Roppongi station, take the exit towards Roppongi crossing)
Roppongi 4-12-6
Tokyo, Minato-ku

Sushi zushi at Roppongi crossing

So, my foodie buddy Jeff-wheee consistently raves about this particular sushi joint smack along the naughty & notorious Roppongi crossing. It’s great value for money for Roppongi, but what gets Jeff-wheee super duper excited is the fact that they serve chu-toro sushi at *wait for it* 130 JPY!

Uh-huh – tender, fattylicious tuna nestled on a bed of sushi rice for JUST 130 JPY… Jeff-wheeee says it tastes legit, and to quote the sushi lover verbatim: “Heck even if they farm it in fresh water, it’ll still be worth it” Aww #oh-toro-love!

So after passing by a gazillion times en route from Juban to Roppongi, I finally made a detour into the 130 JPY sushi promise land – Edomae gatten zushi!

Sushi menu

The dizzying array which left my mind and tummy in a tizzy! They had some pretty unusual choices – crab butter, pickled brinjal anybody? Y NO BEEF SUSHI :(

Sushi rice

Ta-da! I settled for the chirashi-don. I’m smacking myself right now for not getting the tuna/otoro set, but I just wasn’t feeling fatty tuna at the restaurant. But all cool because it gives me an excuse to make a return trip :)


Lookit that chubby baby! Sashimi was fresh, but not top-notch freshest of the crop fresh. Definitely no beer massages given to these fishes and shell fish, but then again, 130 JPY doesn’t get you any massage nehhh. Even in Patpong.


Spied someone’s sushi platter, and OF COURSE I had to take a pics of it..secretly when the chef’s back was turned.


Spotted this particular notice on the table top! Beware rowdy Roppongi revelers who stumble into this place at a godforsaken time with sub-optimal hand-mind-mouth coordination. Big papa’s all ready to capitalise on that post-drunken carb-loading binge hehehe.

Next step: Execute on original plan. Chutoro & otoro-san, can’t wait for you to make me go oh-toroooooo, 130 JPY many many times over.


Wherefore art thou?
Edomae Gatten Zushi
6-1-3 Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Let’s go Lauderdale!

Wishlist #1253232361: I wish I went to Lauderdale for brunch on the weekends way more often! It’s right in the Roppongi ‘hood and they do a pretty decent brunch. Scratch decent if you are a pancake aficionado. They do bloody amazing buttermilk pancakes. So soft and fluffy that I want to roll around and cuddle with it…

Situated in the heart of Roppongi Hills, Lauderdale is a cozy and rustic little place with wooden floors, an outdoor patio to check out Roppongi Hill’s people traffic (it’s also PRIME location for adorable toy-size doggy spotting), and a cute communal dining table indoors. On weekends, their brunch fare includes standard pleasers like eggs Benny, pancakes, omelettes, hamburgers; and not-so-standards like souffles in an array of sweet and savoury choices. Think Mushroom & Cheese souffle sharing the same menu spot as Banana and Pepper souffle!

Hello comfy and cozy wooden interior!

Hello comfy and cozy wooden interior!

Cute and quirky hats adorn the back walls. Argh. Want!

Cute and quirky hats adorn the back walls. Argh. Want!

During the last visit here with the Sis, we grabbed a super quick brunch of Eggs Benedict and Buttermilk pancakes before rushing to grab the airport shuttle. Brunch set we chose comes with a choice of 2 sides. We had drinks (yessir drinks fall under sides here!), sauteed potatoes and cream corn soup. Hers was obviously the cream corn soup as cream soup and I are sworn enemies. My sauteed potatoes were nicely seasoned (the chef was not salt trigger happy yay!) and served soft with buttery and herb-y onions.

Tatters, you make my day always

Tatters, you make my day always

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benedict: The Sis gave it a thumbs up for decent effort. Her verdict: Bernaise sauce was creamy and flavourful without overpowering the English muffin it sat on, and the yolk was runny and wobbled nicely when poked. An added plus: it comes with a side of garden vegetables!!! (v.important as fresh veggies don’t get much love in local meals)


Buttermilk pancakes with fruit compote: THIS. IS. PANCAKE. PERFECTION. The buttermilk used gave it a wonderfully soft and fluffy texture and crisp edge, so that you had the most delicious combination with every mouthful. When I first saw the butter slices sitting atop the pancakes, my head was going IMMA TAKE YOU OFF YOU BUTTER DEVIL. But the heart commanded me to lovingly spread the butter all over the soft fluffy pancakes to make it even softer and more delicious.  Truly one of the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. If fruit compote ain’t your thang, fret not as you can choose bacon or bananas or walnuts instead!

So yep, Lauderdale is a nice brunch option for the weekend if you are wandering around Roppongi and looking for pancakes/eggs/ souffles in a cozy chilled out environment away from the crazy shenanigans at Roppongi crossing on Fri/Sat nights :) They offer the same brunch options too during the weekday at lower prices (1,000 JPY gets you a nice hearty weekday breakfast), so wait no more.

I can’t wait to rendez-vous soon with my buttermilk pancakes loverrrr.


Wherefore art thou?

1F Roppongi Hills,
Keyakizaka Dori
6-15-1 Roppongi Minato-ku