Kyushu Ramen-athon: Champon chompin’

With less than 12 hours in Nagasaki, the mission was very clear – must eat champon before boarding the train back to Fukuoka!

Why the champon obsession??? I googled “must-eat in Nagasaki”, and it was THE #1 raved about food in Nagasaki! Good ol’ Wiki defines Champon as ” Champon is made by frying pork, seafood and vegetables with lard; a soup made with chicken and pig bones is added. Ramen noodles made especially for champon are added and then boiled.”  Uhm I’ll take everything thankyouverymuch!

All Google searches keep pointing to Shikairo, which holds the honour of inventing the first ever champon during the middle Meiji period (early 1900s). This granddaddy of champons was packed to the brim when we arrived, and overflowing with tourists uh-ohhhh. But our tummies growled at us to NOT LEAVE, and so we did and waited for a good 30 mins before being seated. Service was quick, and hot steaming noodles were before us in a jiffy woohoo!

Champon YES


Champon – the house’s signature. The broth was thick and flavourful from all the seafood and pork bones…and lard hah. It somehow reminded me lots of Cantonese noodles in superior seafood stock (seong tong mein) – rich with plenty of kickass flavours from boiling all the delish types of seafood together for hours. The veggies provided a nice crunch amidst all the rich soupiness. Trick is to finish this up while it’s hot and nice, or the broth turns all gruel-ly and nasty if left out cold for too long.


Saraudon – Fried version of champon.  Tastes exactly like champon, but I preferred the champon version with all its soupy goodness


Gyoza – Fukuoka gyoza is supposed to be teppan-fried, which gives it a crispier edge over other gyoza cuzzies around Japan. The gyozas here were so-so, crisp and a little greasy with a semi-decent pork filling. Nothing close to this most amazeballs gyozas we had at a random yatai stall in Fukuoka which was plump and filled with lots of minced fried garlicky goodness in its pork filling!


Oh you get a view of the harbour too at this place as it’s near the port. Window seats, no actually ALL seats, are scarce so grab whatever’s given to you!

Pretty happy with my first taste of champon in its birth cityand I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last :)


Wherefore art thou?

4-5 Matsugae-machi,
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0921