Chomoranma: Kickass dan dan mein


Spicy dan dan mein party going on

First time I stepped foot into Chomoranma – then known among us as chubby gyoza spicy dan dan mein place – there was no turning back. I thought I knew my dan dan mein, but dayummm these guys at Chomoranma own it. The broth is a kickass concoction chock full of Sichuan peppercorns and fiery red chillies, with a hint of sweet miso to temper all that heat *foooh*. Throw in thick juicy beansprouts, spring onions, and minced meat into the mix, coupled with a spoonful of chewy fat yellow noodles, and you’ll be singing the dan dan mein anthem.

Their party trick is *wait for it*…the different levels of spiciness. The beginners level a.k.a ddm for wussies comes in a mild white/ black pepper broth, and is a perfect palate opener for your tastebuds to climb to the next level of spiciness.

Black white pepper ddm

They up the ante next, with actual spicy dan dan mien (opening pic of post) which leaves a tingly spicy after taste from all that extra peppercorns tossed in.

The ultimate test, hold on tight to your tummies, is their super spicy dan dan mien which comes in a bowl filled to the brim with glistening whole red chillies which bury all the noodles. The broth is an angry deep red, and it’ll leave angry deep red marks on your tummy if you dare bravely consume it – vouched for from a friend’s first-hand account! It’s so spicy that it immediately leaves a numbing sensation on the first bite/ slurp. Not really an enjoyable experience, but do give it a try if you dare :)


Here’s Brando the brave eating THAT ultimate spicy ddm, and emerging unscathed…

Besides dan dan mein, this place serves the chubbiest gyozas I’ve ever come across, and normal-sized gyozas with delicious fillings/ toppings such as ma-po and yuzu. The crisp, juicy dumplings go perfectly well with the spicy noodles, and I’m a total fan of double dippin’ it into the deliciously flavourful broth :)


Oh! They also serve the crunchiest and juiciest karaage which comes with a generous handful of spring onions, deep fried garlic, and a drizzle of soy sauce for that extra kick.


In short, Chomoranma (which reads as Mt Everest in Japanese) is the perfect place to drop by post work for great spicy dan dan mein, juicy karaage and chubby gyozas in a fun and cozy izakaya setting. They are very reasonably priced too – a full meal inclusive of drinks never seems to cross the 2,000 JPY mark! Come eat, drink and be merry here, and go for round 2 at the numerous awesome bars scattered throughout Ebisu, like bar Tram or Trench :)


Wherefore art thou?

Map: here

Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo