Jaan: Très superb


When I first moved to Singapore years ago, Jaan (under the helm of then rockstar chef Andre Chiang) was one of THE places foodies needed to pay their respects at. But thanks to my procrastination, chef Andre packed his bags to set up his own shop before I could step foot into the holy food shrine that is Jaan *CRIES*. All is not lost however, as fellow piglet Sonsons was in town recently and we decided to give Jaan a little piglets visit after reading all the rave reviews of the revamped Jaan under current chef Julien Royer.

Upon arrival at The Swissotel hotel, we were whisked to the 70F where Jaan discreetly sits and proceeded to have one of the most epic lunches. Ever. Definitely comparable to our numero uno Narisawa in Tokyo, but with chotto less creative flourishes…

We decided on their 3-course menu, instead of the 5-course which beckoned oh so temptingly…Thank god we did, because loooookie what awesome amuse bouches came to say Hi!


Pissaladiere, goats cheese, Spanish anchovy – tasted like fluffy choux pastry stuffed with cheese and anchovy mmmm


“Saint-Flour” lentils hummus and cereal crackers – the homemade hummus came with a twist of ground chestnuts, which lent a sweet blend to the spread


Wild mushroom tea, Cep Sabayon, Lovage, Walnuts – essentially a rich buttery foam with sprinkles of crunchy walnuts… WANT MOAR!

Not forgetting the other 2 delicious bites (pic right at the top): Smoked unagi, konbu, finger lime AND Pastilla, chicken and coriander. Such delicious food foreplay… and it’s the gift which keeps on giving because next up came a delicious bread basket filled with choices of baguettes, walnut rolls, truffle rolls…WANT. EVERYTHING (and took everything…)



Jaan’s Garden: I opted for this starter as penance for my meat fest last weekend in Bali. This rainbow vegetable compilation came with a handful of wild herbs, nut bits and spices. The vegetables were delectably sweet and crunchy, but the dollop of yoghurt-y dressing was a tad too heavy and the milky taste didn’t quite sit nicely with the rest of the Garden…



55′ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg: Sonsons’ starter. The smoked rattes potatoes and chorizo iberico arrived in a glass swirling with puffs of smoke. After we were done ooh-ing and aah-ing and taking a gazillion pics, the nice waitress proceeded to crack the rosemary smoked organic eggs into this, so that you get mouthfuls of runny golden wobbliness mixed with buttery mash and savoury ham bits with each bite…


We both picked the buffalo ricotta ravioli for our mains. The violet artichokes, iberico ham and chives melded lusciously together with the ricotta cheese to give a burst of velvety deliciousness with each morsel mmmm…

Brie is hard to resist. Brie with truffle centre? No is not an answer!

Brie is hard to resist. Brie with truffle centre? No is not an option!

Jaan, you make us totes happy!

Jaan, you make the piglets totes happy!


Mara Des Bois Strawberry – chilled rhubarb soup with strawberry, marshmellows and basil sorbet. Perfect palate cleanser after a delish meal


Light lemon curd with cherry, verbena, elderflower bits and ice kwimmmm

Just when we thought it was time to bid adieu to Jaan, delicious petit fours (compliments of the house) swung by in the form of crackling sorbet pops, yuzu marshmellows, cookies and luscious cream-filled chocolate-pops! *Piglets do a victory wiggle*


Our lunch menu which they graciously printed for us..service par excellence indeed!

Our lunch menu which they graciously printed for us..service par excellence indeed!

Pretty breathtaking view of the marina from Jaan

Pretty breathtaking view of Singapore from Jaan’s windows

For $68 ++ , this scrumptious 3-course meal (which includes deliciously decadent amuse bouches and petit fours) is a pretty good deal considering how ludicrous fine dining prices can get in Singapore. The ambience is quiet and intimate without being intimidating (there were only 4-5 tables when we were there, and felt like we had very own private room by the window!), and service is gracious and friendly. We waddled out with Jaan food babies, stuffed and extremely satisfied..before digging into a chili crab dinner mere hours later hehehe


Wherefore art thou? Map here

Jaan Restaurant
Swissotel The Stamford Singapore,
Stamford Road,
Singapore 178882