Brozers: Burgers for the brave

When word around town is that Brozers┬áis one of THE places to achieve burger nirvana in Tokyo, you know you HAVE got to get on this gourmet burger trail. It gets even more delicious sounding by the minute, when you read that the 2 brothers/founders used to flip burgers high up in the land of Down Under. And that Brozers was a purposeful misspelling of brothers, because the owners believe in stickin’ it out till the very end, just like “z” in the alphabet chain. Oh B, you got some serious burger cred going on!

With that, I braved a wet, drizzly Monday evening and followed the Brozer’s trail to the Ningyocho ‘hood. Got too excited and ended up at their takeaway place, which ohthankf-inglord is just a 3mins walk from the actual restaurant. I walked into a bright red cheerful diner with some pretty snazzy pics of old school movies on the wall – Rain Men anybody? – and American license plates lounging against the counter. They’ve got a pretty chilled out peace-out-y’all-let’s-love-and-eat vibe going on. Perfect for tucking into a big, juicy, warm burger on a rainy night mmmm

Front of sho

Okay! I decided to go all in on the first attempt and place my dinner bet on their signature LOT burger after reading all the rave reviews about this baby. Brace yourselves for the meaty juicy details *this is how I imagine the chef making it while lovingly stroking the burger buns and patties and sides*

  • Gently toast the buns till they turn a warm golden-y brown, with a slight crisp edge
  • Layer each leaf of fresh lettuce individually on the bun, so that it holds the patty nice and snug. AND prevents the bun from turning into a not so hot mess
  • Hand slice sweet, firm tomatoes and place atop lettuce
  • Slice fresh onions into big rings, and place rings gently on tomatoes
  • Tenderly lay 100% ground beef patty on top of the bed of lettuce, tomatoes and onions
  • Grill pineapple ring till it caramelises with a sweet brown edge, and place on top of beef patty so that it soaks up all that delicioussss sweet caramel juice
  • Follow up diligently with strips of crisp bacon, just because
  • Piece de resistance: an egg turnover to add another layer of fried deliciousness
  • Spread the creamy mayo love generously across all surface areas and more
  • Anddd because you requested it, dollops of smokey BBQ sauce to keep it smokin’ (Chilli,Terriyaki, and Sweet Chilli are perfectly acceptable alternatives)
  • Oh wait! grilled melty cheddar cheese goes somewhere in between all that layers of delicious meat and sweet fresh veggies
  • Top it with afore-toasted warm golden bun top sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds. Secure with cute-sy toothpick in hopes that Mount Lot Burger keeps it together

Lot Burger: Sky high burger wonder, served with golden brown onion rings and thick-cut fries and perky gherkin

Totes adorable heart-top toothpick stuck atop the burger! Y U SO CUTE!

Totes adorable heart-top toothpick stuck atop the burger! Y U SO CUTE!


Oh boy, it was a real struggle to eat this gargantuan construction without dribbling all over. Thankfully the good folks at Brozers got me covered on this, with their burger wrappers (sankyu!). The Lot burger definitely ranked up there with all ’em other gourmet burget compatriots taste-wise overall, but somehow the beef patty felt that it could have done with a wee bit more seasoning. And the buns – they weren’t buns of steel, but if they could be swapped with the fluffier yeast-y buns they use at The Great Burger in Harajuku, I would have been closer to achieving burger nirvana at B!

At 1,300 JPY for the Lot burger, it’s pretty decent for a whopper of a burger. I was struggling to finish the burger and managed to dig feebly at the golden brown onion rings and fries before giving up halfway *shame-faced*.

I’ll be back again to “Hit it” as the Blues Brothers poster (below) in the restaurant says, as have got me eye on a different prize: cheese burgers and unusual sweet relish/fried onions toppings. Stay tuned for juicy updates :)



Wherefore art thou?

Brozers (map of original one, they’ve a branch in Ginza)

2-28-5 Nihombashi
Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo