So here’s our story…

Piglets 2

Sonsons: Grew up across Tokyo/Beijing/ Amurikaaa/ Hong Kong. Currently Tokyo-based as a risk consultant by day, fellow piglet by night…and day :)

Sulsuls: Malaysian born and bred. Called London/ Singapore/ Tokyo home at many points in time. Now a Tokyo-based product marketer by day (follow me here!). Also a fellow piglet by night and day :)

Did we first meet over a meal? Nah – it was at at some rave party at ginormous Ageha in Tokyo. But, we must emphasise that there were food trucks at the party. OH HELLO FOOD TRUCKIE!

That head-thumping first encounter soon developed into regular heart-fluttering “WE HEART FOOD, YEAH” sessions. After jamming our phones with bazillion pics taken over many delectable meals a.k.a living the #asianstakingpicturesoffood dream, we decided it’s time we put those food porn pics and sounds into writing and spread the yummy love :)

We hope that you will enjoy the food posts from our travels, and e-eat the world with us many, many delicious meals at a time…

Piglets love xxx,
Sulsuls + Sonsons

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