Tsukemen mission: Menya Musashi Kosho





While starving/ fasting for a gut-wrenching 18 hours for a medical check-up, all I could think of was where I should go stuff my face post check-up at Midtown clinic. Halfway through mentally sorting out the options around Roppongi, I developed an intense craving for Tsukemen. SO BADLY I ALMOST CRIED. And then I remembered Menya Musashi Kosho in one of Roppongi’s side alleys was a recommended joint to hit up and put that Tsukemen craving to rest in a delicious cocoon of silky noodles and piquant dipping sauce.

Once the check-up was done and dusted, I practically ran (as fast as I could in a low-sugar almost-starvation mode) to Menya Musashi Kosho, popped some coins into the order machine and waited for the bowl of life so so hungrily while being serenaded by blues-ey tunes in the background.

AND IT FINALLY ARRIVED AND MADE ITS WAY INTO MAH TUMMEH! The noodles were cooked to silky al dente perfection with a nice chewy bite, and they were thick and chubby like wantan noodles yay! Broth was shoyu (soy sauce) based with a healthy handful of negi (spring onions) tossed-into it and a chunk of fatty pork mmm. It was a tad salty, and definitely tasted better after swirling some of that yuzu (citrus) vinegar – placed on each table – into the broth to mix it up a little with some tangy flavours. The big fatty pieces of roasted pork. OH MY GOD. Meaty and tender on the inside, with a deliciously caramelised burnt edge. It was like having a mini pancake made entirely out of char-siu.

Menya Musashi Kosho’s Tsukemen definitely put that Tsukemen craving to rest, albeit at a pretty pricey 1,000 JPY (though it did come with generous chunks of delectable roasted pork). Would I deliberately seek out the streets of Roppongi at night to hit this place up for Tsukemen? Probably not (ok I lie. Ask me again after a night out in Roppongi). But if I happened to be in the R ‘hood and craving a bowl of Tsuekemen, I’m coming your way Menya Musashi Kosho.

PS: They also serve ramen in broth, which comes with wantans! It’s pretty decent but not the best in class. Save your tummy for their Tsukemen instead…


Wherefore art thou?

Menya Musashi Kosho (map here. At Roppongi station, take the exit towards Roppongi crossing)
Roppongi 4-12-6
Tokyo, Minato-ku

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