Seoul Eats: Milk ice-cream at Paul Bassett


Go on, eat me!

For cheat Friday, I grabbed a chocolate croissant from the Paul Bassett cafe at the basement of Gangnam Finance Centre as a TGIF prez. The place looked really promising from the outside with a cozy chic vibe; wouldn’t expect anything less from a cafe in the Gangnam area :) Anyhoo, the croissant was mediocre at best – flaky pastry was way too dense and oily, and the chocolate filling didn’t ooze out with each expectant bite sigh. A far cry from the amazeballs salted caramel flaky almond croissant at the Joel Robuchon bakery in Tokyo (back in beloved Tokyo in 2 weeks and can’t wait yay!!)

So when Bo (who has this awesome recipe blog on modern Korean cuisine) suggested Paul Bassett for coffee, I was a teeny bit apprehensive…but she swayed me with the promise of milky milk ice-cream (3,500 KRW) which I must try!


TGIF! Bring ’em ice creammmmm

And oh boy, Bo was r-i-g-h-t. It was the most deliciously creamy soft serve I’ve ever had, like a McDonald’s soft serve infused with crack A-grade cream. Who knew that Paul Bassett, winner of world champion barista in 2003 (but not champion croissants), could come up with such heavenly soft serves?


Oh organic milk, you make such milky soft serves!

According to Bo, the secret x-ingredient comes from the organic milk produced by the Sangha brand. This organic milk is what gives the ice-cream its incredibly silky texture and extra milky taste. Throw in a crunchy cornflake-like cone (ask for the cone, not the cup when ordering!), and you’ll be screaming for more ice-cream :)


Coffee is serious business, and calls for a branch diagram on the wall


So while the weather is still swirling with the Summer heat, cool down with lots of milk ice-cream swirls from a Paul Bassett cafe near you! One might not be enough :)


Wherefore art thou?

Do a quick Google search on the nearest Paul Bassett cafe in your ‘hood. I had a delicious ice-cream Friday at the branch in Gangnam Finance centre, on level B1.

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