Delicious Daikanyama: The Ivy Place


Situated right next to the amazing and maze-like Tsutaya bookstore at T-site in Daikanyama area, The Ivy Place is a picture-perfect place for brunch, lunch or tea amidst a lush green setting. On a nice day, sitting outdoors is perfect because nothing beats noshing while taking in the world with a cool breeze by your side. It’s a totally different story though come freezing winter or humid summer – retreat indoors even if you have to beg!

The real urban jungle

The real urban jungle

So, I was inevitably first drawn to The Ivy Place when fellow piglet Sonia excitedly informed me they serve grilled cheese kalbi kimchee sandwiches! I’m a big grilled cheese sandwich fan, and if you throw in kalbi and kimchee into the mix, I’ll be yours forever. Verdict for this grilled sandwich: satisfying in a healthy delicious way, but the kalbi wasn’t flavourful enough to pack a solid, tasty punch…


The cheese-kalbi-kimchee sandwich, special effects courtesy of LINE camera app :)

So second time round, I settled for their Fresh Basil Pesto Risotto with Green Beans and Grana Padano. No idea what Grana Padano was, but I heart pesto and risotto, so this was a relatively easy green choice hurhur. The risotto was surprisingly light and fresh, and not heavy creamy like usual risottos. The fresh green beans provided the perfect nice green crunch to balance the richness of the cheese and pesto. I’d happily return and order this dish again ooo yeahhhh.


Luscious cherry tomatoes and firm green beans…

In short, The Ivy Place is an easy breezy light brunch/ lunch option if you are thinking of checking out Daikanyama on the weekend. Be warned though, that the queue gets pretty ridiculous and you might easily have to wait for at least 1 hour during peak hours, and a relatively ok 15-30mins wait during non-peak hours (yup, even at weird times like late afternoon/ early evening). Give them a shout and book beforehand, it’s never too early to reserve and you might be lucky enough to get a sweet spot.

Oh! price-wise it veers towards the higher-scale for Japanese-sized portions (expect to fork out ~2,000 JPY ++ for brunch/ lunch meal + drink), but hey it’s a delicious and light option and worth checking it out when in the ‘hood. They also have a ton of other brunch offerings too, like buttermilk pancakes, smoked salmon, croque Madam…so why not? :)


Website here
Wherefore art thou? Map here

16-15 Sarugakucho,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0033

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