Let’s go Lauderdale!

Wishlist #1253232361: I wish I went to Lauderdale for brunch on the weekends way more often! It’s right in the Roppongi ‘hood and they do a pretty decent brunch. Scratch decent if you are a pancake aficionado. They do bloody amazing buttermilk pancakes. So soft and fluffy that I want to roll around and cuddle with it…

Situated in the heart of Roppongi Hills, Lauderdale is a cozy and rustic little place with wooden floors, an outdoor patio to check out Roppongi Hill’s people traffic (it’s also PRIME location for adorable toy-size doggy spotting), and a cute communal dining table indoors. On weekends, their brunch fare includes standard pleasers like eggs Benny, pancakes, omelettes, hamburgers; and not-so-standards like souffles in an array of sweet and savoury choices. Think Mushroom & Cheese souffle sharing the same menu spot as Banana and Pepper souffle!

Hello comfy and cozy wooden interior!

Hello comfy and cozy wooden interior!

Cute and quirky hats adorn the back walls. Argh. Want!

Cute and quirky hats adorn the back walls. Argh. Want!

During the last visit here with the Sis, we grabbed a super quick brunch of Eggs Benedict and Buttermilk pancakes before rushing to grab the airport shuttle. Brunch set we chose comes with a choice of 2 sides. We had drinks (yessir drinks fall under sides here!), sauteed potatoes and cream corn soup. Hers was obviously the cream corn soup as cream soup and I are sworn enemies. My sauteed potatoes were nicely seasoned (the chef was not salt trigger happy yay!) and served soft with buttery and herb-y onions.

Tatters, you make my day always

Tatters, you make my day always

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benedict: The Sis gave it a thumbs up for decent effort. Her verdict: Bernaise sauce was creamy and flavourful without overpowering the English muffin it sat on, and the yolk was runny and wobbled nicely when poked. An added plus: it comes with a side of garden vegetables!!! (v.important as fresh veggies don’t get much love in local meals)


Buttermilk pancakes with fruit compote: THIS. IS. PANCAKE. PERFECTION. The buttermilk used gave it a wonderfully soft and fluffy texture and crisp edge, so that you had the most delicious combination with every mouthful. When I first saw the butter slices sitting atop the pancakes, my head was going IMMA TAKE YOU OFF YOU BUTTER DEVIL. But the heart commanded me to lovingly spread the butter all over the soft fluffy pancakes to make it even softer and more delicious.  Truly one of the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. If fruit compote ain’t your thang, fret not as you can choose bacon or bananas or walnuts instead!

So yep, Lauderdale is a nice brunch option for the weekend if you are wandering around Roppongi and looking for pancakes/eggs/ souffles in a cozy chilled out environment away from the crazy shenanigans at Roppongi crossing on Fri/Sat nights :) They offer the same brunch options too during the weekday at lower prices (1,000 JPY gets you a nice hearty weekday breakfast), so wait no more.

I can’t wait to rendez-vous soon with my buttermilk pancakes loverrrr.


Wherefore art thou?

1F Roppongi Hills,
Keyakizaka Dori
6-15-1 Roppongi Minato-ku

2 thoughts on “Let’s go Lauderdale!

    • It’s my absolute fav too :) Best I’ve had in Tokyo so far…wish I discovered it much earlier, especially since it’s just down the road from the office!

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